Website Design & Development

"A well designed website helps sending your message unimaginably"
If you believe the power of Internet, website is in no doubt the most powerful marketing platform in Internet. It is our expertise to combine Visual Design and Usability when doing Website Design.
  • First Impression is not everything BUT it is almost

    People generally judge a book by it's cover. The same is true for website design. People visit your website and immediately make a decision on if it's a place they're going to spend time and/or money at, or if they're going to lump you in with the millions of other websites that look like yours and move on to something else.
  • Loading Rockets for your Marketing Battle

    Do you know there are over 70% of companies have a website?

    Good website design can turn your website into a great weapon on marketing your company, services and products. It can even help you win your competitors in the marketing battle of your business nature.
  • Search Engine Friendly Website Design

    Do you know most of the internet users use Search Engine to find a website instead of typing the exact URL?

    To attract more traffic (protential client) from Search Engine toward to your website, a well planned and well constructed Search Engine Friendly Website is the first step.
  • Go for a Professional Website Design

    Whether you want a website promoting your brand, your products and/or your services, Acdrax can manage to maximize the possibility.

    Contact us to get more information and/or pricing of our professional website design service.

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