Logo Design

"A great logo helps people remember and recognize your brand"
Your logo is the most recognizable element of your brand. There is no doubt that a great logo helps customers remember and recognize your product or service more easily. Your logo is a graphic representation of all the other parts of your brand - it's visual short-hand for all the great things your business does.
  • Well designed logo makes a significant difference

    Among corporate business of small and large, the logo of a company is very important. It differs a company from its competitors. And when it comes to identity, logo plays a significant role.

    A professionally designed logo is a signature, a quick look into the professionalism of a company.
  • Recognition is what builds the reputation in one's mind

    The average person is exposed to over 200 business names and marks in ONE HOUR. Your business needs to look professional and memorable instantly.

    The best logos are the most memorable logos which attract attention, and leave an everlasting impression in one's minds.
  • A logo is basically an illustration of your company image

    A concept or meaning is usually behind an effective logo, and it communicates the intended message.

    A well designed logo can emphasize the thing that your company does better than everybody else, otherwise, your target market has no reason to come to you.
  • Go for a Professional
    Logo Design

    Whether you want a logo emphasizing your brand, your products and/or your services, Acdrax can manage to maximize the possibility.

    Contact us to get more information and/or pricing of our professional logo design service.

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