Newsletter & email marketing for your business or organization

Manage all of your email marketing needs from one-time mailings, newsletters, auto-responders, scheduled mailings,
and more!
Newsletter & email marketing for your business or organization


ACDRAXmail is a web based Email Marketing System for creating, managing, monitoring and extending your email marketing.

With no need for technical expertise, it is a great solution for a beginner or advanced email marketing user. Take full advantage of all the email marketing possibilities include email split testing, graphical reports, list segmenting, subscriber actions, detailed subscriber tracking and much more.

  • Email Marketing Made Simple

    Email Marketing Made Simple

    System to create your campaigns, send the campaigns, and fully analyze the results.
  • Powerful Reporting and Campaign Analysis

    Powerful Reporting and Campaign Analysis

    In-depth text and graphical based reports to analyze your email campaigns.
  • Easy Message Creation

    Easy Message Creation

    By using the simple editor, anyone can create stunning emails without coding skill.
  • Check Against Spam Filters

    Check Against Spam Filters

    Optional simple one click spam check function will be available before you send your mailing.
  • Automatic Bounced Management

    Automatic Bounced Management

    With each email campaign ACDRAXmail will detect and process all bounced emails. Detailed bounce reports for each email campaign.
  • Social Sharing

    Social Sharing

    Option to include the social sharing icons within your email and your subscribers can click on them to share the web version of the email with their friends.
  • Template Design

    Template Design

    If you require a custom email template, we can design and build a appealing email template and ensure that it will work in the majority of email clients.
  • Complete Email Marketing Solution with Affordable Price

    ACDRAXmail makes it easy for everyone to create, send, manage and monitor email advertising that intergrate advanced email marketing functionality with an affordable price.

    Interesting or Ready to start using ACDRAXmail? Contact us to get more product information and price. We can also arrange a demonstration to show you more...