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Are your solutions working?


A question that I get all of the time is “How do I know if my solutions are working?” And while this is often a difficult question to answer, the answer itself is almost always “Sort of.” The reason for this is that creative solutions are designed to do a few things: drive traffic to your site, advertise to your target market, boost search engine results, and lend credibility to your company.

And while many solutions do a few of these things, there are few that accomplish every task needed for the program to succeed. Because of this, we ensure that our solutions address all of the necessary outcomes for small and large businesses and ensure that no piece is left unattended.

An example

I was asked to tweak an existing campaign for one of my clients, who had gotten solutions from a different company. And while I won’t say the program was bad, it failed to address the nuance of boosting search engine results altogether. Sure, there were a few SEO techniques implemented, but they were mainly designed to drive traffic.

Our firm is different because not only do we understand the importance of SEO, but we also understand how to use it to increase visibility. It’s simply not enough to toss in a few links here and there, but also to realize that content is the backbone of any good web site.

So ask yourself this: “Is my creative solution really working?” The answer may surprise you.

Are Facebook’s Days Numbered?


First there was Myspace, then there was Facebook. There was Reddit, then Stumbleupon, then Reddit again. The point is, that social media is an ever-changing landscape and that there’s really no telling who will be the next leader of the pack.

Facebook has done a great job of adapting to the landscape of both businesses and people, giving everyone a serviceable medium on which to connect. But that doesn’t mean that it will always be the case. The question is if not Facebook, what next?

For the foreseeable future

Facebook is still king, but there are plenty of businesses and individuals that are unhappy with its services. It has become so big, that it is essentially ubiquitous, making it less appealing to those trying to break away from the pack.

Talk to any young person or business owner. It is likely that they have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. They find it to be a little vapid, but it is still the best way to connect with others. There may come a time when other social media outlets similar to Instagram begin to add more functionality, which could be a threat to Facebook.

Of course, Instagram is just an example of a smaller company with a large community of passionate users. Not to mention that it is owned by Facebook. The idea is that there is still large potential for new companies to reinvigorate users that are tired of Facebook and its popularity, which could eventually lead to its downfall.


Leaving Competitors in the Dust


It’s no secret that the world of technology and business is brutal and becoming more connected each day. At ACDRAX, we understand that offering creative solutions means a lot more than just web-based advertising and social media marketing. It also means knowing what competitors are doing and staying ahead of the curve.

In the world of social media and technology, it truly is kill or be killed. That is why our creative solutions are tailored with each business specifically in mind. We work with a team of experienced professionals from numerous industries to create an exhaustive approach to marketing.

How to outperform competitors

Think of creative advertising not as a way to keep up with competitors, but as a way to leave them in the dust. Many creative solutions firms offer similar services, but lack the ability to think outside of the box. Our firm prides itself on being innovators in our field, allowing us to stay ahead of other firms and bringing new ideas to the table.

The result is a cohesive approach to web-based solutions that other companies may offer, but ones that we expand upon. For us, it’s not enough to run with the pack, we want to lead it. We hope that our services are just what your company needs to build customer loyalty and show the world just what it means to be cutting edge.

Our hopes as a firm is that we are able to keep up with the fast-paced technology field and pass our knowledge onto our clients.