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Cutting through the clutter


We understand that you have a choice when it comes to advertising solutions, and also understand that many companies will view each company as being the same. An inconvenient truth for some, us included, we also understand that it is time to up the ante, to excel beyond that of standard advertising in order to create a campaign that is truly worthwhile. For example, our client, a garage door company, was losing profits and was not sure why.

When companies begin to decline financially, there are usually a few reasons, but a lac of effective advertising is one of the main concerns. Like we expected, this high quality vendor specializing in installing a new garage door had quality products, a good rapport with their customers, and positive reviews, but there was something missing. We noticed that their advertising campaign was only physical. Although they had a website, we noticed that it was not targeted enough for their customers.

ACDRAX to the rescue

After analyzing the site and asking a few questions, we found out that there was a large gap in advertising for one of their main specialties, which was repairing a broken spring. There was a severe lack of optimizing for this word, and it was one of the services that the company got the most calls for. While it may seem like an obvious fix for the advertising campaign, we understood that it is sometimes difficult to see the forest from the trees.

By understanding that people often seek the same services and have a difficult time finding them, we can begin to optimize marketing campaigns designed to fill the void in advertising. It is as much about psychology as it is about advertising, knowing how people think, what they want, and where there are gaps in bringing the two together.


Advertising strategies are all about connecting the dots. Seeing trends in the business word, identifying gaps in messages, and knowing what customers want to hear. This is what puts us above the rest and why we are a trusted creative solutions firm for a wide variety of businesses worldwide.

The world of digital advertising


Yes, we live in a world where advertising is running rampant. So much noise and so much clutter leads to an almost maddening experience for customers, especially if you consider how exhaustive the world of digital advertising it is. And as frustrating as this idea is for consumers, it is even more frustrating for the businesses that must advertise to them.

Digital advertising becomes a game of “look at me” as so many companies jostle for the attention of viewers. At ACDRAX, one of our greatest challenges is navigating this terrain in order to help businesses achieve their goals and increase their profits.

Answers in digital

Our clients’ main gripe with creative solutions is the time it takes to implement new procedures. In essence, it is possible to have a digital marketing campaign take off like a rocket, but in most cases, the progress is closer to that of a horse-drawn buggy. In order to get effective SEO practic

To kill an advertisement


Successful advertisements are the ones that stay relevant, keep people buying, keep people laughing, and keep people engaged in your message. The few companies that got lucky or skilled enough to understand this and keep up the image are now multinational companies and some of the richest entities in the entire world. Conversely, those that do not adapt or are unwilling to get rid of bad advertisements are the ones that fail in conveying their message.

We experience this almost every day. We are bombarded with advertisements, both physically and digitally, that joust for our attention. We can almost immediately pick up bad commercials and this reflects on the company. One of our best clients,, is one of the companies that understands that effective advertising means a willingness to be flexible.

Flexibility means everything

The company listed above was one of the best companies in the area for new garage door sale, and wanted to optimize for other services. They wanted to specialize in custom doors, which we agreed to. After awhile, we realized that while there were new customers visiting the site, that the words we were optimizing for weren’t really driving the traffic that the company wanted. We both realized this, and even when this is the case, some companies refuse to change.

So here’s what we did. We scrapped the new keywords and tailored their advertising to something else that they were already known for in the area, which was knowing how to replace springs in garage doors. At the time, we did not know whether people were going to respond to the new optimization, so we took a wait and see type of attitude. What we found was that people responded well to something they already knew about, but we had never advertised.


It is not necessarily about the advertising campaign as a whole, but rather a willingness to adopt to an unpredictable landscape and adjust according. We pride ourselves on seeing trends, knowing where they will go, and knowing how to optimize a company in order to fit them. We also appreciate our customers input, so when the two lines up it is nothing short of perfect.


Chasing the white whale


Anybody that has been in the field of advertising knows that oftentimes it seems like being Captain Ahab from the literary classic Moby Dick by Herman Melville. In some ways, it seems as though the goal is attainable at first, a simple restructuring of some resources, a targeted advertising approach, and hard work, and everything will simply fall into place. Easy right?

The reality is there are so many exertnalities involved with advertising, that it almost seems like an unattainable goal at first, glimpses of success are quickly shadowed by advertising failure, eventually leading to an obsession with success and a gradual descent into madness. Much like captain Ahab, what became the primary motivation for living quickly becomes the same thing that causes the downfall.

But there is hope

Unlike captain Ahab, we have technology on our side that is better designed to reach our goals. Armed with much more than a rickety boat and a harpoon gun, we are given the resources needed to reach customers at high volumes, penetrating the market in unforeseen ways, simply by knowing what to advertise for.

We can help the captain of virtually any vessel find their white whale, and capture it simply by understanding what it means to advertise effectively. Simply shooting harpoons randomly in the water is not how we catch our whale. We build a strong online presence, implement traffic building SEO techniques, and know our audience. If we do these things, we don’t even need to find the whale, the whale will come to us.

Business as a hobby


What makes ACDRAX so successful is something that extends far beyond that of knowing business and our customers. As Americans, we spend a great deal of time working, and not enough time playing. If you look at the United States, from a global perspective, you will find that we take fewer vacations than pretty much rest of the industrial world.

Overall, a lot of other places value the idea of taking time off, simply having time to be a person rather than a working cog in a business machine. This is why in many surveys, Americans are seen as some of the most unhappy workers in the world, which of course leads to a myriad of negative effects in the workplace.

The importance of play

Our company prides itself on taking a different approach to creative solutions. We see is not only as a challenge, but also as a hobby. Using some of the greatest minds in creative solutions, we see each company as not only a way to boost our portfolio, but also better identify how we can have fun within the world of business.

We work with our clients hand-in-hand to develop exhaustive web-based solutions designed for the modern world. All of this while still understanding that there is more to life than just work. By making business a hobby, we have realized that work doesn’t necessarily have to be work. We combine the two so we can better serve ourselves and our customers. This is just what we do.

The importance of networking


ACDRAX has always prided itself on being in touch with not only consumers, bur our clients as well. We understand that staying ahead of the curve means having a willingness to connect with people on a level beyond that of business. Take for example, one of our greatest successes Livionia Garage Door Repair.

Consider that this is a local company who’s commitment is to their community, but does not have a strong global presence. Understanding that local businesses are the cornerstone to any healthy commerce, we worked with the company to create the perfect blend of local and global, allowing them to build a larger presence without neglecting their community.

Our target audience was customers looking to find the best garage door opener.

What we did

We set up a targeted marketing campaign focused on the key words listed above. We contacted local businesses, households, and other target markets simply pitching the idea of best garage door openers. And while the campaign showed marketable results in the sale of garage door openers, we learned something much more valuable.

We learned that in order to run a successful campaign, one must tie in all components of a business. However, when prioritizing one aspect, others might be neglected. Unless of course you’re taking into account other services while focusing on a specific on.

Therein lies the key to online marketing.

The end result

Simply by appealing to one specific demographic, we learned that there was much more overlap in customer base than we thought. We tailored the campaign to market to those looking for garage door openers, only to find that there was an untapped market of customers looking to purchase a brand new garage door.

This was astounding, as we realized that building a network lends itself to offering new business opportunities. By connecting with one subset of the garage door populous, we learned that there were many more buyers than originally thought. It is this attention to detail that puts us above the competition and allow us to work with some of the most successful and long-sited businesses in the world.

The virtue of patience


One of the most common questions I get when talking with businesses about creative solutions is “When will my company start to see results?” And while the answer to this is complicated, the most common response that I give is “sooner rather than later”. When developing web-based solutions, it’s important to remember that while nothing will happen overnight, the results are always being documented.

For example, search engine optimization is not a sprint, but a marathon. Google indexes sites daily, but it might take a few weeks or months to notice a jump in page rank. This is because in order to move up, quality content and links must be indexed. Simply adding new links will help your rank, but the results will take time to manifest.

This is what makes our approach unique

We understand that these things take time, and in that we plan for the future. We use ethical practices in order to boost visibility. And while SEO “shortcuts” can increase visibility at a much greater rate, companies run the risk of being penalized if Google (or other search engines) find these practices to be unethical.

This is where your company comes in. Understand that patience is the key to increasing visiblity and building a customer base takes time and dedication. Working closely with our clients, we are able to develop solutions that work long-term, and ensure that your company’s reputation is one to be admired. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are good businesses.

The mark of success


In business, success is what everyone is striving for, naturally, or else why even bother right? With that in mind, there are very many different definitions of what success actually is. For many, it’s making some money, for others it’s making all of the money, and for others still it’s giving back to the community.

When it comes to creative solutions, there are many different vehicles in which success can be achieved. But in order to achieve success, the first step is defining what it means in your company’s eyes. For example, one of our clients found that while they were making money, they were giving enough back to the community.

After paying for their costs, they found that their profits, while ample did not leave enough for the outreach they wanted to achieve.

What we did

In this instance, we decided alongside the company that while their intentions were pure, that their goals may have been too lofty for what they were actually able to achieve. Instead of donating thousands of dollars to global charities, we tailored their business solutions to start at a smaller scale.

Community outreach, local charities, and other smaller donations allowed the company to retain their profits and help others without breaking the bank. By redefining success in their eyes, we were able to work with the company in order to achieve realistic solutions to their problems.

The mark of success, in my opinion is helping others while still leaving enough for yourself. After all, we are humans, we have needs, but it’s also important to keep others in mind.



When to change advertising strategies


Here at ACDRAX, we know that sometimes strategies are sometimes difficult to abandon. The prime reason for this is because they have been tested, usually work pretty well, and are understood by all areas of the company. Switching strategies can be difficult for all of the people involved, making it difficult to decide whether or not to change.

Change is an integral part of business, and something that needs to always be considered. This “adapt or die” business landscape means that change, although may not always be necessary, always needs to be an option.

How to know when to make the change

There is no clear way to tell when it is time to change to a different advertising campaign, but there are signs that point to when it is time. Pay close attention not only to the baseline, but also keep track of how often your advertisements are viewed and how many viewers actually purchase products.

Do this by using analytics programs that will give you detailed information about the points listed above. When you do decide to change your strategy, remember that results won’t be immediate, but the change is probably necessary in order to help your company grow.

We pride ourselves on giving customers a wide variety of creative solutions options, and our knowledgeable staff can help your company decide whether or not a change is needed. In most cases, we can help incorporate new solutions into old campaigns in order to create a more effective campaign without the need for complete overhaul.

The Sheer Volume of Creative Solutions Firms


Everywhere you look it seems like there is a new creative solutions firm popping up. In fact on the way to work, I decided to count the number of them that I drove by on a daily basis on the way to the one that I work at. During the 30 minute commute, I counted five, yes five creative solutions firms.

So why are there so many companies that offer seemingly similar services. Well, part of the answer is that each firm thinks they have the answer. In essence, groups of people believe that they have figured out the Internet, and how to allow companies to capitalize on their knowledge. So where does that leave you?

Choosing the right one

Saying that ACDRAX is always the right creative solutions firm for every company would be a foolish thing to claim. Each company has its own needs, and each creative solutions firm, no matter what they say will have different techniques (as well as a lot of the same ones). This is where you come in. In order to choose the right one, you have to do a lot of work yourself in order to determine what exactly you want you campaign to focus on.

We might not always be the right answer, but it would also be inaccurate to say that this was because lack of knowledge. Our trained experts have a proven track record of being one of the top firms for understanding how business works and applying that to the modern world.