To kill an advertisement


Successful advertisements are the ones that stay relevant, keep people buying, keep people laughing, and keep people engaged in your message. The few companies that got lucky or skilled enough to understand this and keep up the image are now multinational companies and some of the richest entities in the entire world. Conversely, those that do not adapt or are unwilling to get rid of bad advertisements are the ones that fail in conveying their message.

We experience this almost every day. We are bombarded with advertisements, both physically and digitally, that joust for our attention. We can almost immediately pick up bad commercials and this reflects on the company. One of our best clients, http://www.garageserviceinc.com/, is one of the companies that understands that effective advertising means a willingness to be flexible.

Flexibility means everything

The company listed above was one of the best companies in the area for new garage door sale, and wanted to optimize for other services. They wanted to specialize in custom doors, which we agreed to. After awhile, we realized that while there were new customers visiting the site, that the words we were optimizing for weren’t really driving the traffic that the company wanted. We both realized this, and even when this is the case, some companies refuse to change.

So here’s what we did. We scrapped the new keywords and tailored their advertising to something else that they were already known for in the area, which was knowing how to replace springs in garage doors. At the time, we did not know whether people were going to respond to the new optimization, so we took a wait and see type of attitude. What we found was that people responded well to something they already knew about, but we had never advertised.


It is not necessarily about the advertising campaign as a whole, but rather a willingness to adopt to an unpredictable landscape and adjust according. We pride ourselves on seeing trends, knowing where they will go, and knowing how to optimize a company in order to fit them. We also appreciate our customers input, so when the two lines up it is nothing short of perfect.


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