Cutting through the clutter


We understand that you have a choice when it comes to advertising solutions, and also understand that many companies will view each company as being the same. An inconvenient truth for some, us included, we also understand that it is time to up the ante, to excel beyond that of standard advertising in order to create a campaign that is truly worthwhile. For example, our client http://www.expertgaragedoor.net/, a garage door company, was losing profits and was not sure why.

When companies begin to decline financially, there are usually a few reasons, but a lac of effective advertising is one of the main concerns. Like we expected, this high quality vendor specializing in installing a new garage door had quality products, a good rapport with their customers, and positive reviews, but there was something missing. We noticed that their advertising campaign was only physical. Although they had a website, we noticed that it was not targeted enough for their customers.

ACDRAX to the rescue

After analyzing the site and asking a few questions, we found out that there was a large gap in advertising for one of their main specialties, which was repairing a broken spring. There was a severe lack of optimizing for this word, and it was one of the services that the company got the most calls for. While it may seem like an obvious fix for the advertising campaign, we understood that it is sometimes difficult to see the forest from the trees.

By understanding that people often seek the same services and have a difficult time finding them, we can begin to optimize marketing campaigns designed to fill the void in advertising. It is as much about psychology as it is about advertising, knowing how people think, what they want, and where there are gaps in bringing the two together.


Advertising strategies are all about connecting the dots. Seeing trends in the business word, identifying gaps in messages, and knowing what customers want to hear. This is what puts us above the rest and why we are a trusted creative solutions firm for a wide variety of businesses worldwide.

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