Chasing the white whale


Anybody that has been in the field of advertising knows that oftentimes it seems like being Captain Ahab from the literary classic Moby Dick by Herman Melville. In some ways, it seems as though the goal is attainable at first, a simple restructuring of some resources, a targeted advertising approach, and hard work, and everything will simply fall into place. Easy right?

The reality is there are so many exertnalities involved with advertising, that it almost seems like an unattainable goal at first, glimpses of success are quickly shadowed by advertising failure, eventually leading to an obsession with success and a gradual descent into madness. Much like captain Ahab, what became the primary motivation for living quickly becomes the same thing that causes the downfall.

But there is hope

Unlike captain Ahab, we have technology on our side that is better designed to reach our goals. Armed with much more than a rickety boat and a harpoon gun, we are given the resources needed to reach customers at high volumes, penetrating the market in unforeseen ways, simply by knowing what to advertise for.

We can help the captain of virtually any vessel find their white whale, and capture it simply by understanding what it means to advertise effectively. Simply shooting harpoons randomly in the water is not how we catch our whale. We build a strong online presence, implement traffic building SEO techniques, and know our audience. If we do these things, we don’t even need to find the whale, the whale will come to us.

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