Business as a hobby


What makes ACDRAX so successful is something that extends far beyond that of knowing business and our customers. As Americans, we spend a great deal of time working, and not enough time playing. If you look at the United States, from a global perspective, you will find that we take fewer vacations than pretty much rest of the industrial world.

Overall, a lot of other places value the idea of taking time off, simply having time to be a person rather than a working cog in a business machine. This is why in many surveys, Americans are seen as some of the most unhappy workers in the world, which of course leads to a myriad of negative effects in the workplace.

The importance of play

Our company prides itself on taking a different approach to creative solutions. We see is not only as a challenge, but also as a hobby. Using some of the greatest minds in creative solutions, we see each company as not only a way to boost our portfolio, but also better identify how we can have fun within the world of business.

We work with our clients hand-in-hand to develop exhaustive web-based solutions designed for the modern world. All of this while still understanding that there is more to life than just work. By making business a hobby, we have realized that work doesn’t necessarily have to be work. We combine the two so we can better serve ourselves and our customers. This is just what we do.

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