When to change advertising strategies


Here at ACDRAX, we know that sometimes strategies are sometimes difficult to abandon. The prime reason for this is because they have been tested, usually work pretty well, and are understood by all areas of the company. Switching strategies can be difficult for all of the people involved, making it difficult to decide whether or not to change.

Change is an integral part of business, and something that needs to always be considered. This “adapt or die” business landscape means that change, although may not always be necessary, always needs to be an option.

How to know when to make the change

There is no clear way to tell when it is time to change to a different advertising campaign, but there are signs that point to when it is time. Pay close attention not only to the baseline, but also keep track of how often your advertisements are viewed and how many viewers actually purchase products.

Do this by using analytics programs that will give you detailed information about the points listed above. When you do decide to change your strategy, remember that results won’t be immediate, but the change is probably necessary in order to help your company grow.

We pride ourselves on giving customers a wide variety of creative solutions options, and our knowledgeable staff can help your company decide whether or not a change is needed. In most cases, we can help incorporate new solutions into old campaigns in order to create a more effective campaign without the need for complete overhaul.

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