The mark of success


In business, success is what everyone is striving for, naturally, or else why even bother right? With that in mind, there are very many different definitions of what success actually is. For many, it’s making some money, for others it’s making all of the money, and for others still it’s giving back to the community.

When it comes to creative solutions, there are many different vehicles in which success can be achieved. But in order to achieve success, the first step is defining what it means in your company’s eyes. For example, one of our clients found that while they were making money, they were giving enough back to the community.

After paying for their costs, they found that their profits, while ample did not leave enough for the outreach they wanted to achieve.

What we did

In this instance, we decided alongside the company that while their intentions were pure, that their goals may have been too lofty for what they were actually able to achieve. Instead of donating thousands of dollars to global charities, we tailored their business solutions to start at a smaller scale.

Community outreach, local charities, and other smaller donations allowed the company to retain their profits and help others without breaking the bank. By redefining success in their eyes, we were able to work with the company in order to achieve realistic solutions to their problems.

The mark of success, in my opinion is helping others while still leaving enough for yourself. After all, we are humans, we have needs, but it’s also important to keep others in mind.



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