The importance of networking


ACDRAX has always prided itself on being in touch with not only consumers, bur our clients as well. We understand that staying ahead of the curve means having a willingness to connect with people on a level beyond that of business. Take for example, one of our greatest successes Livionia Garage Door Repair.

Consider that this is a local company who’s commitment is to their community, but does not have a strong global presence. Understanding that local businesses are the cornerstone to any healthy commerce, we worked with the company to create the perfect blend of local and global, allowing them to build a larger presence without neglecting their community.

Our target audience was customers looking to find the best garage door opener.

What we did

We set up a targeted marketing campaign focused on the key words listed above. We contacted local businesses, households, and other target markets simply pitching the idea of best garage door openers. And while the campaign showed marketable results in the sale of garage door openers, we learned something much more valuable.

We learned that in order to run a successful campaign, one must tie in all components of a business. However, when prioritizing one aspect, others might be neglected. Unless of course you’re taking into account other services while focusing on a specific on.

Therein lies the key to online marketing.

The end result

Simply by appealing to one specific demographic, we learned that there was much more overlap in customer base than we thought. We tailored the campaign to market to those looking for garage door openers, only to find that there was an untapped market of customers looking to purchase a brand new garage door.

This was astounding, as we realized that building a network lends itself to offering new business opportunities. By connecting with one subset of the garage door populous, we learned that there were many more buyers than originally thought. It is this attention to detail that puts us above the competition and allow us to work with some of the most successful and long-sited businesses in the world.

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